Eaze Promo Codes

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Get $20 Off With Our Official Eaze Promo Codes

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Eaze is an on-demand marijuana delivery service. Think of it as Uber—but for weed. They’ll have a delivery to you in under 20 minutes, and have a wide range of varieties to choose from, including beans, candies and chocolates. For new users—be sure to use this Eaze Promo Code signup link here to get $20 in credit.

NOTE: You can only receive the $20 credit if you use the referral link during signup. If you’ve already signed up and entered your state ID, it’s too late. If that’s the case, you can view our other recommended weed delivery services in your area that offer discounts (up to $80).

Special Eaze Promo Codes (Worth $20)

Use this $20 signup link to get $20 in Eaze credit. It only works if you haven’t signed up yet.

NOTE: You can also try a similar company, GreenRush and use the code HAPPY80 for $80 in credit.

The cost of 1/8 of pot is usually somewhere between $35-55 (it depends on the dispensaries near you), so this awesome discount could gets you a whole lot for free!

How Eaze Works

  1. Visit Eazeup.com, either on your computer or on their mobile-friendly site.
  2. Create an account, including your medical license. If you don’t have one, they have doctors on-site that can issue you one for $25 in a snap.
  3. When you’re ready for some on-demand weed, simply view their large selection of varieties and add some to your cart. You cannot add the $20 Eaze promo code at this point. If you didn’t use a $60 signup link, it’s too late for you.
  4. Enter the address you’re at and hit “Deliver!”
  5. Your weed is on its way to your door!

Nothing could be easier. They deliver at all hours as well—so if you’re feeling like you need something around 3am, go for it! You never even have to leave the house.

Eaze Locations

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles
  • More (see weedsuck.com for all delivery locations and companies)

They’re expanding quickly, and if they’re not in your neighborhood yet, head on over to Eazeup.com to sign up for a notification once they’re delivering in your area.

Other FREE Weed Deals

Eaze is not the only company offering discounted first-timer codes. Use the weed delivery locator below to find out which companies deliver to your zip, and which coupons are available. If you cannot see the zip code box, you can view all coupons here.

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