Chime App Promo Code

Chime App Promo Code: Get $50 with this referral link

Get $50 in Free Chime cash when you sign up via a referral code like this one!

Get $50 in Chime cash!

Get $50 in Chime cash!

To receive the $50 bonus, you must receive a payroll of $200 or more into your account within 45 days.

More about the Chime App

The Chime App is a totally new bank account that can be managed entirely from your phone. There are no hidden bank fees, you can set up automatic savings, and you get a Chime Debit card sent to you that you can use in stores and online.

I haven’t had a chance to use it a ton, but so far I’m loving the way the mobile app seems to work—so smooth and easy. Everything is laid out exactly where it should be, and there’s nothing that feels sneaky or hidden from me in any way.

Chime App Promo Code: Get $50 with this referral link

Getting that $50 Chime App Promo Code deal

The only way to score the initial $50 in Chime credit is by signing up with someone else’s Chime App Referral Code link like this one:
Then once you’re a member and have activated your own card, you too can refer friends. You’ll find your Chime App Promo Code link in the app, and you can share it on social media. Each time a friend signs up, they get $50 and you get $50 too!

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