CheckPoints Bonus Code

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The Checkpoints app lets you earn points you can redeem for awesome gift cards. Sign up with the CheckPoints Bonus Code BONUSCRED for free extra signup points!

CheckPoints Bonus Code

CheckPoints Bonus Code: BONUSCRED

Get up to 100 bonus points when you use the code during signup!

Be sure to use the CheckPoints bonus code during signup to get your 50-100 bonus points immediately. Then, you can earn up to 7,500 extra points per new user you refer using your own Checkpoints referral code!

Checkpoints Bonus Code: Use BONUSCRED for 50 free points

What is the CheckPoints App?

The Checkpoints app is a nifty way to earn free gift cards. You can do it in a variety of ways. A popular way is by watching videos, like movie trailers. You can additionally scan products at stores you visit to earn points—you don’t even have to buy the products to earn. Checking in at local stores will also earn you a few points (like Walmart, CVS).

My favorite way is by referring new friends. CheckPoints will award you with 100% of the points your friends earn for 2 weeks (up to 7500). There are also sections in the app called Yellow Offers and Blue Offers, which cover a variety of tasks. These, too, can earn you points (like donating to a cause, or playing a game, or buying a specific product/service).

Redeeming Points for Gift Cards

There are a large number of different places you can earn gift cards from. A few include: Walmart, Pandora, Target,, Tiffany, Groupon, CVS, Domino’s and Starbucks. You can also redeem the points for cash, via Paypal. Not too shabby!

To get an idea how much points are worth, we looked at the PayPal cashout option. For a $25 cashout, you need 12,500 points. Which makes it seem like points are worth roughly $0.002. So when you get a 50 point signup bonus, you are earning something around 1 cent. Not really all that amazing, but if you earn a ton more points it will add up.

Again, the Checkpoints Referral Code

Don’t miss out on earning 50-100 free points by entering the Checkpoints referral code BONUSCRED. You can only enter this code during initial signup, so if you’re already signed up, it’s sadly too late!