Cargo Referral Code

Cargo is a great way to make extra money driving for Uber or Lyft by selling treats inside your car and earning a percentage (a large one). Use the Cargo Referral Code: lucy_5 to signup for the waiting list. 

Cargo Referral Code: lucy_5Cargo Referral Code | Sign up with the code: lucy_5

We don’t know for sure if this Cargo referral code gives any sort of signup bonus, but we imagine it might help you get off the waitlist faster. We’ll update here if we find out that’s true, and if it does end up turning into some sort of sweet signup bonus. It’s highly possible as it becomes more and more popular (looks like Uber just made it an official accessory of their rides)!

Cargo Referral Code

Right now Cargo is only accepting people on a waitlist basis. I’m not entirely sure if signing up with a Cargo referral code helps you get in faster, but there’s a chance.

Just to be on the safe side, use the Cargo Referral Code: lucy_5 when you sign up.

Note: This is part of a referral program, so I’ll earn $20 if you get approved and start driving with Cargo snacks.

More about Cargo

As we mentioned, Cargo will send you a box full of snacks and useful accessories (like phone chargers or toothbrushes) that your customers can purchase during their ride. You can tailor it based off the supply—like if you always pick up airport people, phone chargers might end up being most desired. Or if you pick up college students, candy might be more appropriate.

Cargo takes a percentage of each sale and gives you the remainder. If you’re a regular driver, you could add $300 to your monthly earnings just by selling snacks here and there!

Again, use that Cargo Referral Code

Let us know if you manage to use the Cargo Referral Code when you signup. And let us know how long it takes to get off the waiting list—then we can figure out if the code helps or not!

Cargo Signup Code: lucy_5

If you’re already a driver with Cargo, we’d love to hear about your experiences. Contact us or drop us a line in the comments below. It’s a neat service and seems like it will soon be in every rideshare car on the road.