CardCash Coupon Code

CardCash lets you buy or sell discounted gift cards. Plus, you can get an instant $5 discount when you use this CardCash coupon code link.

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CardCash Coupon Code: Get $5 Free

CardCash Coupon Code: Get $5 with this CardCash Com coupon, plus read our CardCash review!

Click the button above or this one to get an instant $5 free cash upon your first purchase at CardCash. It’s not a CardCash coupon code exactly, but rather it’s a Cardcash referral link. It works the same way!

CardCash Review

I love buying gift cards. It’s just mentally nicer to pay for things with gift cards than with a credit card. I can keep better tabs on how much I’m spending. Plus, I find it’s easier to treat friends when they see you have a gift card.

I went ahead and bought a few gifts cards at CardCash for the purpose of this CardCash review. The thing that is instantly amazing about CardCash is that all the gift cards for sale are discounted already. Depending on what stores you shop at, discounts can be as great at 20%! For really common stores, you are usually looking at 2-4%. Either way, it’s really fantastic.

You can buy cards from basically anywhere. Ebay, Target, Home Depot, you name it. Most popular restaurants and fashion stores sell gift cards, not to mention entertainment places like movie theaters.

Check it out and let us know what your favorite discounted gift cards are from CardCash!

Calculating the Savings

I had a sudden lightbulb moment on money savings.

Purchase a gift card from CardCash using one of your rewards credit cards. Depending on what credit card you have, you should be earning 1 or 2% cash back. THEN, on top of that, your gift card at CardCash is discounted 2-20%. That means that you are saving between 4-22% on every single purchase when you do it this way. Say what!

CardCash Coupon Code: Get $5 with this CardCash Com Coupon and read our review!

How to Access the CardCash Com Coupon Code

You must sign up for CardCash via this CardCash Com coupon code link. Then, carry about your regular business. When you do decide to make your first gift card purchase, the $5 bonus will be automatically applied!