BurgaBox Coupon Code

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BurgaBox sends awesome burger feast kits to your door. Get $20 off your first order here.

BurgaBox Coupon Code

Get $20 off your Burgabox order when you visit the Burgabox Coupon Code details page here.

BurgaBox Coupon Code: Get $20 off your order with this discount link!

Basically it’s pretty easy to get the $20 discount—you have to share a $10 BurgaBox discount with 5 friends via email. Your friends don’t even have to purchase anything (though that’d be nice), you just have to email the discount to them and bam! You get your own $20 discount, instantly.

That will make your next BurgaBox only $39, which is pretty sweet!

What is BurgaBox?

BurgaBox is a burger kit that is sent straight to your house, ready to make. You can select your favorite type of burger from their list—but we suggest you try something new each time. For $65 a kit, it’s not the cheapest way to enjoy a burger—but it’s an extremely fun one. Each kit comes with the ingredients to make two burgers, 1 lb fries and 2 lbs mac and cheese (I know, crazy right?). They also sometimes come with a couple of smaller sides, like beans and coleslaw. You can choose your type of fries and mac and cheese with each burger.

You can also upgrade for $10 and get a 4 burgers for only $75 (fries and mac cheese size stays the same, but the other “sides” are doubled). This seems like the way to go.

A few Details about BurgaBox

BurgaBox is run by the Boston Burger Company. Shipping of all boxes is FREE nationwide, and they kits come in an insulated cooler packing box. Shipping usually takes 1-3 days to arrive, and usually arrive towards the middle of the week.

If you want to earn extra BurgaBox credits you can refer your friends to try them out. Each friend will get $10 credit, and you’ll receive a $10 credit when they order.