BuddyTruk Coupon & Review

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BuddyTruk is a moving service app that pairs you with a truck owner that can help you move your stuff. Click here for a $10 BuddyTruk Coupon.

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BuddyTruk Review

I’m not moving anytime soon, so I never tried this for a full move. In fact, if you’re moving an entire apartment/house, it’s not ideal. Or if you need to move something from one city to a different one. In those cases, I’d probably go with Budget truck rental (plus, get 20% off with this link).

BuddyTruk is for moving a few things, locally. Like if you find a super sweet free bookshelf on the side of the road that you HAVE to have. Or buy something too big for your car and need a way to get it home.

I did the latter—I bought a giant panel of fake bricking (to go on the wall behind my sweet green couch I got from Wayfair). But it didn’t fit into my little car, no matter how I tried. I considered calling an Uber, but it was too pricey to get an SUV for that long.

BuddyTruk to the rescue! I downloaded the app, took a photo of the item I wanted, and my Buddy met me at Ikea. We loaded it in, and he followed me in my car. Then he helped unload it and even helped me up the stairs (I gave him a nice tip).

It was a great service, and now that I have the app, it’s definitely one I’ll be using again in the future.

BuddyTruk Coupon Code: Get $10 free, plus read our BuddyTruk reviews!

Steps for using BuddyTruk:

  1. Download the App
  2. Take a photo of the item or items you want to move
  3. The app will pair you with a BuddyTruk mover that has a truck that will fit your item
  4. Your mover shows up at the pre-requested time. They’ll help you load the item into their car, and unload it at the other end (local delivery only)

You can download the BuddyTruk Apps:

BuddyTruk is expanding quickly so should be in a city near you if it isn’t already. Try it out and get $10 off your first move with this BuddyTruk coupon code link.

BuddyTruk Coupon Code: Get $10 free, plus read our BuddyTruk reviews!