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Use the Breather App to reserve a space for any purpose, whenever you need it. Get $45 free credit with the Breather Promo Code: PPD4ZV

$45 free credit with the Breather Promo Code: PPD4ZV

$45 free credit with the Breather Promo Code: PPD4ZV

Use this Breather Promo Code

Breather Promo Code: Use this link for $100’s credit at any Breather location, or click this link.

Like a lot of apps, the Breather promo code relies on a referral program to work. So you have to visit a link to get the 1 hour free. Then you’ll be able to refer people yourself, for free hours!

The Breather app takes the Uber on-demand industry to living spaces. Need a place to work for a day while you are in a new city? Breather takes care of that, listing hundreds of spaces around you available at the click of a button.

Breather Promo Code: Get a FREE Hour with coupon code M66KGQ, plus read our Breather review!

My Breather Review

Everyone at some point or another has wanted to find a private space where they can just get away. Let’s say, for example, that you are staying with a friend, but don’t want to be home all day in their space. Airbnb rooms are not available by the hour. And hotel rooms that do rent by the hour are not where you want to be. A lot of communal work spaces require you to sign up for weeks at a time, even if you are only going to be in town for a day or 2. Coffee shops are nice, but only if you can do all your work in the tiny space of a table. There didn’t seem like a solution until Breather came along.

Once you install the Breather app, spaces for you to relax open up around you. There are hundreds of work or hangout spaces less than 2 miles around me. They all vary from $20 an hour to $50 an hour. Each space has beautiful images and write ups about how many people can use the space and what amenities are included. Most I have found at least include Wifi, whiteboards and restrooms available. The spaces themselves are amazing! People really put effort into making your comfortable, much more so than a hotel. Then you just select the date and time you need it and everything is good to go!

The Breather app services these areas so far:

  • Boston
  • New York City
  • San Francisco
  • Montreal
  • Ottawa

Don’t hesitate, at least try the app once. You can use the Breather Promo Code M66KGQ and your stay (for 1 hour) will be completely free. If you don’t enjoy it, you have lost nothing, and at least have an interesting story to tell your friends.

But I promise, you’ll love it. There is a warmth found in Breather spaces that I have never found in a co-working or hotel room.

Breather Promo Code: Use code M66KGQ for 1 Free Hour at any Breather location, or click this link.