BoatSetter Coupon Code

BoatSetter is basically Uber for boats. It allows you to do a boat rental by owner search and hooks you up with a boat + an option captain for a day. Click here for $25 off BoatSetter (link works like a BoatBound coupon code).

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$25 BoatSetter Coupon Code

This Boatsetter coupon code comes in the form of a referral link—like this one that gets you $25 off your first rental.

Plus, once you’re signed up, you can earn even more free boating credits by referring friends. You get $25 for each friend that rents someone’s boat. Or get $75 for each boat-owning friend that rents out their own boat.

All about BoatSetter: The Uber for Boats

I’ve never been much of a water baby, but the concept behind BoatSetter was just so cool that I knew I had to give it a shot. I mean, Uber for Boats? Sign me up. So here’s my BoatSetter Review.

Basically the Boatsetter website feels like a cross between Uber and Airbnb. You’re renting someone’s boat for periods between a day and up to weeks. Some of them you can even sleep on, Airbnb style. Most of them require you to hire the owner/captain if you don’t have a license to drive the boat yourself.

I did a search for some boats I could rent in Los Angeles, and found a TON of options. Pricing generally ranged between $300-1000 for a single days rental. It’s steep, but some of these boats can fit something like 20 people. So if you decide to make an event of it, you’re looking at $20-50 a person for a real-life experience of this song from SNL’s Lonely Island:

I plan to rent a smaller one and have the owner/captain help us out with driving the thing. My friends and I hope to spend an amazing afternoon on a boat for 8 people at $350. Which would be less than $50 a person, for what I hope will be the most amazing day. We plan to sunbath, picnic, drink beer and splash about in the water.

Overall, Boatsetter is a really fun activity if you’re looking for something really different. It’s pricey, but worth it! And be sure not to forget that Boatbound coupon code for a little helper discount. You can click this link.