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BlueHost is a fantastic web host provider with competitive, low priced plans. Click the image below for a BlueHost coupon code 2017 validity.

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BlueHost Coupon Code 2017 Plus a BlueHost ReviewBluehost Coupon Code 2017

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BlueHost offers very competitive pricing to begin with, so this deal is one not to miss. Basic hosting plans start at just $3.49/month.

About Blue Host

We’ve collected a few quick points so you can get a quick overview of what Blue Host is:

BlueHost Pricing

Below is the BlueHost pricing for all their “basic” plans in each arena:

Domain Names: $12/year

Basic Hosting:$3.49/month (with a 36 month upfront plan, otherwise $4.95)

WordPress Hosting: $25/month

WooCommerce Hosting: $14/month

Dedicated Hosting: $149/month

BlueHost Domain Names

The cool thing about BlueHost is that all hosting plans come with a free BlueHost Domain Names deal. That’s a value of $12, just for signing up for hosting.

BlueHost Email Service

I was going to write a bit about the BlueHost Email Service. But as it turns out, they don’t have this service at the current moment. My recommendation for email services is through HostGator (use code BERRY100 for 25% off all new hosting packages).

My BlueHost Review

I create a lot of different websites (business, personal, etc). So I have an opportunity to try out different hosting options to compare. I usually favor A Small Orange (use code GIFT15 for 15% off any order). But this last time I gave BlueHost a try, so I could write you a thorough BlueHost review.

BlueHost Pricing Plus a BlueHost Discount Code 2017I set up a basic website that needed to be able to sell simple products. I opted for BlueHost’s WooCommerce hosting. It is nice because it has secure SSL built into it, which means that all of your customers’ data is safe. With other hosting plans, you have to purchase an SSL (something like $70/year), and install it yourself. It’s much easier when it’s already wrapped into a hosting plan.

I know how to set up WordPress myself, so I didn’t need BlueHost’s help with that. However, if that is something you need, the BlueHost support team is there for you.

Anyway. It was super simple to get my site up and running with their hosting, and a relative breeze to set up WooCommerce. In 10 minutes I was already set up to sell products and receive cash through my bank account.

The site has been live for 2 months now, and I haven’t had any issues with speed or reliability. To me, those are the main issues I usually face with bad hosting, so I’m currently happy.

Check out BlueHost here.

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