Acorns Referral Link

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Acorns helps you invest money by depositing small amounts into a savings account each time you spend. Plus, get an automatic $5 bonus when you sign up using an Acorns Referral link such as this one right here.

Acorns Referral Link

To get an automatic $5 bonus upon signup, be sure you use a $5 Acorns referral link just like this one. Once you make your first investment into your account (can be as low as $1), you’ll see the $5 appear.

Acorns Referral Link: Get a $5 Bonus when you use this referral link

Plus, each time you refer a friend and they do the same thing, you’ll earn an additional $5 bonus. And these aren’t $5 of funny money either—this is $5 in actual cash, that you can withdraw at any time. Woo!

How Do Acorns Investments Work?

To start with an Acorns account, you have to at least connect a bank account or credit card. If you connect a bank account, you can set up individual one-time investments, or you can set up automatic recurring payments each month (like $5, $10, $20).

If you connect a credit card, then for every purchase you make, Acorns will automatically round the purchase up to the nearest dollar and store the change as an investment in your Acorns account.

Acorns costs $1/month if you have less than $5000 in your account, but all your money is then invested for you—and you earn the returns on those investments!

It may not be the best way to invest if you know your way around money and investments, but if you’re a newbie or just don’t have the time to do your research—it’s a really great option.

Once more, that Acorns Referral Code (link actually)

Be sure to use the Acorns referral bonus link found here, or click on one of the images on this page (like the one below). Your account will automatically be credited with $5 once you complete signup and investing. You should see the $5 bonus on the top of your application as you’re completing it!

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Acorns Referral Link: Get a $5 Bonus when you use this referral code link