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TransferWise is the latest and greatest way to transfer money between currencies or accounts, quickly and easily. We’ve reviewed a ton of money transfer places, and Transferwise always wins, hands down.

Click here for a FREE transfer via our Transferwise Promo Code link.Transferwise Promo Code: Get a FREE transfer with this referral link

Want a free transfer without a TransferWise Promo Code?

That’s right! If you are a NEW Transferwise customer, you can get a free transfer by clicking here.

If you’re not a new user, scroll down to view other money transfer sites that offer free first time transfers or other goodies.

Transferwise Existing Users Codes

If you are NOT a new Transferwise customer, you can still get a free transfer or other bonuses using one of the following money transfer services:

My TransferWise Review

I’ve personally used this service, and it was a breezy experience. It was also a bazillion times cheaper than a bank (ok a bazillion might be an overestimate, but it’s significant, as in HUNDREDS of dollars cheaper, depending on the size of your transfer. Plus, they give you your first transfer for free)

I was originally drawn to use Transferwise because of the Transferwise free transfer code deal they have going, as it makes transferring money that extra bit easier and cheaper, even from other transfer services.

Tutorial: Using the TransferWise Free Transfer Code

  1. Head on over to TransferWise and enter how much you’re transferring and in what currencies. You will automatically qualify you for the free transfer, you don’t actually need a TransferWise promo code (you’ll see a yellow strip saying you have the free transfer).
  2. Pay TransferWise from the account you’re sending from. It can be a bank account or credit/debit card. You’re essentially putting the money in a holding account (i.e. The money moves like this: First account -> TransferWise -> Second account)
  3. TransferWise then matches you with people who are sending money in the opposite direction and essentially “trades” your money—which is why it costs so little. So if you’re sending US dollars to UK pounds, TransferWise will find someone (or multiple people), sending UK pounds to US dollars, and swap your amounts.
  4. The money then gets sent to your final bank account, in the correct currency.

Tips for Using a Transferwise Promo Code

  • Be sure to visit Transferwise through a valid referral link to receive a discount on your first transfer
  • The promo code only works for your first transfer (see Remitly if you’ve already used Transferwise—they give you a $40 Amazon gift card your first time).
  • You can earn money or credits from Transferwise by referring your own friends

TransferWise promo code : How to get a Free transfer code (plus a Transferwise review)

You can also use the TransferWise apps

Note: This mobile method does not qualify for the free transfer.

That’s it for my TransferWise Review and TransferWise promo code links. I know as soon as you give it a shot you’ll be a convert for life. Even Sir Richard Branson is involved!

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  1. I have done many transfers without any problem at all. Use this referral link to get fee free transfer upto $4500 or £3000 or 4000 euro .
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    1. Hi,

      I tried many links and I don’t seem to be getting any free credits or free payments… Is the coupon code still valid?


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  4. Hi,

    I tried many links and I don’t seem to be getting any free credits or free payments… Is the coupon code still valid?


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