UrbanStems Promo Code

UrbanStems Promo Code: Get $10 off and read our UrbanStems Review
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UrbanStems delivers the most gorgeous, freshly cut flowers in minutes. Click here for an instant $10 discount (link works in lieu of an UrbanStems promo code).

Need an UrbanStems Promo Code?

For this awesome deal you actually need to visit UrbanStems via a link (a referral link!). They don’t do promo codes per se, so this is the way to go. Visit this link to access the $10 deal.

My UrbanStem Review

There are only a couple weeks until Valentines day and until this morning I had no idea what to do for my girlfriend. Luckily one of my coworkers received flowers from a secret admirer and her face light up in delight.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not a bad boyfriend (though I say it myself). I have gotten my girlfriend flowers before—but these were something else. The note from UrbanStems was hand written, the material a nice chartreuse burlap that really looked nice. It was obvious that someone with a lot of talent had put some work into the arrangement.

First things first, I found out that the flowers were from UrbanStems. I immediately found them online and created and account. Once I had done that I downloaded their app on my phone. Not only were the flowers beautiful on their site, but the app and website are gorgeous in a way that would make any web designer weep from joy. It was very simple to create the account and start browsing.

I immediately found a bouquet named “Grace” and knew that my girlfriend would love them. I looked at the price tag and felt the first tickling of indecision. The arrangement cost $50 which included delivery, but there were also slightly cheaper ones that looked OK too. A quick internet search saved the day! I discovered that while there was not an UrbanStems Promo Code, I could get $10 off my order by clicking this referral link. However, I ended up flaking out and purchasing flowers at the store at this point.

But! Next time I plan to go forwards with the plan and buy “Grace.”

For those of you who aren’t lucky enough to live in New York, you will have to wait for this new company to expand. For those who do, make sure to get $10 off with the UrbanStems promo code link here.

UrbanStems Promo Code: Get $10 off and read our UrbanStems Review

Steps for using UrbanStems Promo Code

  1. Click this link to get $10 off
  2. Create an account
  3. Find the flowers you love
  4. Pay (minus the $10) and enjoy your gorgeous flowers.

You can also use the UrbanStems apps

  • iTunes app store

Make sure you click to get the UrbanStems Promo Code and save yourself $10 on this coming Valentines day, or any day for that matter. Give some extra color and beauty to someone else today.

UrbanStems Promo Code: Get $10 off and read our UrbanStems Review

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