Voyager App Referral Code | $25 BTC code: 31278EBE6

Voyager App Referral Code: 31278EBE6

Voyager is a trusted and highly-rated crypto trading app. New users get $25 BTC free bonus with the Voyager App Referral Code: 31278EBE6

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Voyager App Referral Code: 31278EBE6

What is the Voyager App?

Voyager is a platform that empowers you to buy and sell BTC, ETH, ADA, DOT, LTC, VGX and 60+ top cryptocurrencies commission-free. It also offers up to 9% APY for some assets!

Voyager is the simple and secure way to invest in 60+ cryptocurrencies and earn up to 12% annually. Buy and sell ETH, BTC, DOGE and 60+ altcoins.

Access the widest selection of altcoins, within a secure, easy-to-use investment platform. When you use Voyager, you can earn up to 12% annually on your holdings, trade with zero-commissions, and more.

Easily buy and sell 60+ crypto assets. Voyager connects to multiple exchanges, offering you unmatched access to competitive crypto pricing. The price you see in the app is the price you pay.

Voyager offers top rates on your crypto. Simply buy and hold a yield-bearing asset in your portfolio, and you can earn up to 12% annually.

Auto-invest in your favorite assets at a frequency that works best for you (daily, weekly, monthly or on payday), without having to worry about timing the market.

Receive crypto to your account to trade on the Voyager app. Need to pay a friend or crypto-friendly vendor? Send it to the wallet of your choice directly from your Voyager account.


About the Refer a Friend Program

Right now Voyager is offering a $25 BTC sign up bonus when you trade $100, if you use a Voyager Referral code such as the one on this page. 

You can also earn additional sets of $25 free Bitcoin if you share your own Voyager App Referral code with your friends.

To start and get $25 free, sign up here and use the Voyager App Referral Code for 2021 2022 and 2023: 31278EBE6

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