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Uber Air Promo Code

Uber Air is Uber’s new drone ridesharing service. As soon as they come out with an Uber Air Promo Code, we’ll be posting it here!

Uber Air Promo Code

As with all the Uber products, including Uber ridesharing, UberEats, and even their Uber scooters, you can get a discount on your first ride ever when you use an Uber Air Promo Code. Find it below.

Also, you can head over to their referral program and refer your own friends. If one of your friends takes their first ride using your Uber Air Referral Code, you’ll get additional credits to use on their drone service!

More about Uber Air and Uber Elevate

Uber Air is one part of the Uber Elevate program—a way to take riders to the skies. The other half is called Uber Copter, and involves helicopter rides from point to point.

Uber Air is meant as an in-between service, that helps riders get through the most congested routes in a matter of minutes. With Uber Air, the idea would be to have riders walk, bike, or Uber to a heavily travelled route, such as near a highway or main road. The Uber Air drone would then take you over the congested portion, zipping you past wasted time. The drop off would also be along the same congested roadway, where the idea would be you’d walk to your final destination—or there would be an Uber car waiting for you right as you got off the drone. It would be a smooth, speedy and flawless journey, saving lots of time, as well as decreasing congestion on the road below.

Uber Air Promo Code

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