Uber 75 Trips $500

Uber 75 Trips $500 deal : Sign up with code hbx1arsque

Uber often offers great incentives for signing up new riders. At certain points they have an Uber 75 Trips $500 deal, depending on what city you were going to drive in.

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BUT! You can get even more money when you sign up for Lyft using this link. Some cities are offering up to $640.

What is the Uber 75 Trips $500 deal?

Well, this is a deal that only comes occasionally, depending on your city and on Uber’s need for new drivers at the time. Currently you can still get anywhere from $50-500 when you sign up using a referral link like this one.

Uber 75 Trips $500 deal : Sign up with code hbx1arsque

The amount you see will be the highest deal that is available at the moment.

When is the Uber $500 Bonus Coming Back?

I can’t say. It might never come back for certain cities. Your best bet is to sign up and hope that there is a good referral incentive right now. You could also apply for Lyft using this bonus link—their incentives are sometimes better.

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