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Sixt is a car hire company that scores you fantastic deals—drive a luxury car for the price of an economy one. Click here to view the best Sixt discount codes available!

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My Sixt Rental Car Review

I’ve done a lot of car hire reviews, so it was about time that I went and hired a car from Sixt and did an official Sixt rental car review. (Remember, get 15% off in the US via this link)

I booked the car on a recent trip to France. I booked a regular economy car, and had a really smooth checkout process on their site.

When I arrived at the Sixt office in Paris, I was greeted by super friendly staff and immediately helped with my rental. I wanted to return my car to a different airport in Paris, which I thought was going to be an expensive nightmare. But they set that up for me for free, with a smile.

Sixt Discount Codes: Save on your Sixt Car Hire with these Sixt Coupons and Promos!

The car was in great shape and was very clean and well maintained. I drove it around for about a week without issue. Dropoff at the office at the end of my trip was a breeze. I’ve usually been a Turo guy, but I’m starting to think maybe Sixt may be my new car rental future. Especially in Europe!

Best Sixt Discount Codes

Below we break down the different Sixt discount codes available, depending on who you are and where you’re going. Check ’em out!

UK Renters — Use the Sixt Discount Code UK!

It does seem that Sixt gives extra nice little discounts outside the USA. If you’re a UK renter, don’t be shy—take that Sixt Discount Code UK and walk away with an extra 5%. Click here to access it!

Sixt Discount Code UK : Get 5% off your Sixt Car Rental in the UK!

Students — Get your Sixt Student Discount!

Students already pay enough for education—Sixt wants to help you save a little with your Sixt car rental. Get your Sixt Student Discount by clicking here.

Sixt Student Discount : Get 5% off Sixt car rentals if you're a student!

A General Sixt Car Rental Coupons Code:

Get 15% off rentals in the USA via this link!

Sixt Discount Codes: Save on your Sixt Car Hire with these Sixt Coupons and Promos!

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