Revel Promo Code | $10 free with code: XD3RAZ

Revel Promo Code | $10 free: XD3RAZ

Revel allows you to easily borrow scooters around town. Get $10 in free ride credit with the Revel Promo Code: XD3RAZ.

Revel Scooter Promo Code | $10 free: XD3RAZ

How does the Revel Scooter Promo Code work?

Once you download the Revel app and sign up with your details, head over to the Payment section. There you’ll see a Promo Code section with the words “Redeem Promo Code”. You can enter the Revel scooter promo code XD3RAZ in that space. You will see it load your free $10 Revel scooter credit onto your account right away!

Revel Promo Code | $10 free: XD3RAZ


About Revel Scooters

Revel Scooters are an awesome way to make little hops around town. You simply check out your app to see if there are any Revel scooters available nearby, and place a short reservation on one. Once there, you can unlock your helmet, start the ride and your journey! It’s a breeze and a really fun, hassle-free, parking-free way to get around the city!

Honestly it’s such a joy to not worry about your car or where to park it, and it’s really great to be able to decide you’re done walking and just hop on an adorable little scooter and make it to your destination in a flash.

Don’t forget to use the Revel referral code XD3RAZ!

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