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Remitly Gift Card: Get $40 at Amazon with this Remitly Coupon Code, plus read our Remitly Com Reviews!
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Remitly helps you transfer money to India, the Philippines, Mexico and more. Scroll down for the Remitly Gift Card deals (up to $60!), valid when you transfer money to many locations, including Mexico. Scroll down to learn about the Remitly exchange rate, Remitly countries, and to read our Remitly com reviews. Or click here to get up to $60 in free gift cards after your first Remitly exchange!

Remitly Gift Card: Get up to $60 in Gift Cards!

Click the country you are sending to to receive the deal. Gift cards are for Amazon, Walmart or Target. At the bottom of the landing page, select your currency to get your deal.

Columbia – $25 gift card. Click for deal.

Ecuador – FREE transfer. Click for deal.

El Salvador – FREE transfer. Click for deal.

Guatemala – $20 gift card. Click for deal.

Honduras – FREE transfer. Click for deal.

India – Super low rate. Click for deal.

Mexico – $40 gift card. Click for deal.

Nicaragua – FREE transfer. Click for deal.

Peru – FREE transfer. Click for deal.

Philippines – $60 gift card. Click for deal.

Be sure to sign up for Remitly via one of the Remitly referral buttons above to score a discount. Must be a new user (scroll down to the next section if you’re an existing user).

For example, when you complete a transfer over $50 to Mexico, you’ll automatically receive a $40 Amazon gift card. For the Philippines, you get a $20 gift card EVERY time you transfer $50, up to three times.

Are you an EXISTING Remitly User?

The above bonus deals only work if you’re a NEW user. If you’re an Existing Remitly customer, visit one of these other favorite money transfer places for a new user bonus:

Transferwise: Get a free transfer with this link

WorldRemit: Get a free transfer with this link or promo code LUCY16 Get a free transfer with this link Get a free transfer with this link 

Pangea: Get a free transfer with this code: LF6121

Remitly Exchange Rate

The Remitly exchange rate is reasonable. It’s a no-brainer when you are doing Remitly India or Remitly Philippines transfers (or anywhere really). In fact, if you aren’t in a huge rush—the fees are usually $0. That’s right. Free. When you ARE in a rush, it’s only $3.99 to get your money there faster.

The only time the Remitly exchange rate hits a bit harder is when you are trying to send US dollars. Like, you’re not exchanging currencies at all. In those cases, you can pay up to $18 for a transfer, depending on the amount and speed you want to send at. But even still, it’s not outrageous.

Where can you send money through Remitly?

Remitly works in a ton of countries! They started only in a few but have since expanded. Check out the full list below.


  • Colombia
  • Honduras
  • Ecuador
  • Mexico
  • El Salvador
  • Nicaragua
  • Guatemala
  • Peru


  • India
  • Philippines

Your country not on the list? Try Transferwise.

Remitly Gift Card: Get $40 at Amazon with this Remitly Coupon Code, plus read our Remitly Com Reviews!

Remitly Com Reviews:
Remitly India and Remitly Philippines, and more Reviewed!

Remitly is one of the top money transfer places. We’ve reviewed quite a few, and have had good experiences with all of them (sometimes we don’t go through with the transfers, but we evaluate the overall ease and costs). Plus, most of them give you some sort of new user bonus as mentioned above.

Remitly is constantly growing and working to make their user experience great. When we last did one of our Remitly Com reviews post, they only sent money to three places: Remitly India, Remitly Philippines, and Remitly Mexico. Nothing else was on the list. Now the list includes 10 countries!

Note: If your country isn’t on the list above, try using Transferwise. They send everywhere.

Remitly Com Reviews, the Remitly Exchange Rate, and more about Remitly India and Philippines!

Remitly Coupon Code: Don’t Miss your $40 Amazon Gift Card!

Click here for the $40 Amazon gift card

Valid when you send over $50 to Mexico. Other deals up to $60 bonus apply for other countries.

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