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PeachDish Coupon Code

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Our PeachDish Reviews

I was the CS contributor who was chosen to do a PeachDish reviews overview. Here’s my review:


$70 per week. This is the second highest in the industry, coming in only $2 cheaper than Plated, the most expensive one. It ends up being $23 per 2-person meal. I dunno about where you live, but I could actually go out to eat near my house for that price.

Note: The cheapest in the industry is Blue Apron, at $59.


What delivery? Oh, you mean I was actually supposed to receive a box that I paid for?

Well, I didn’t. The first week I was supposed to receive something, literally nothing arrived. I looked at the tracking info, and it said it hadn’t even been tendered to the shipping company. What the? I was counting on cooking these meals this week—I didn’t even do a proper grocery store run.

The following week it had been sorted out, and I received a box. It was decently quick. But what about my first weeks refund? See the Customer Service section below.

PeachDish Coupon Code: Get $10 off with this Peach Dish Coupon Code

If only this were true…


Food reviews across the net are that it’s pretty good, actually.

However, there was nothing special at all about the food. It is pretty basic, common food—like simple pasta. Yummy, but unimpressive. You’re paying $23 to serve two people a simple pasta dish.

Note: Hell0Fresh introduces you to some really cool new dishes. Plus it’s cheaper.


I had gathered some well-earned referral credits for awhile, and thought it’d be nice to apply those to my account. Well, their system doesn’t work. I guess I’m not surprised.

Customer Service:

This is where Peach Dish truly falls apart. Customer service is absolutely ridiculous.

Notice that “Live chat” feature on the site? Well, check when the service rep was last active. I’ve seen it range anywhere from 3 hours ago to 2 DAYS AGO. I have never received a response back faster than 24 hours, so if I were them I’d remove the “Live” adjective.

Secondly, any question you answer seems to be misunderstood. I’m ok with companies outsourcing their customer service, but at least the responses should correspond to what you asked. I felt like ripping out my own hair.

Still waiting on a refund from that week of nothingness. No idea who ended up with my box or if it was even sent. Sigh.


I give PeachDish a 2/5. The food was tasty, but that’s all that it has going for it. Use another service (see below)

I’m not even going to list that PeachDish coupon code again—it’s not the best service. Try one of these other places instead:

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Home Chef: Get $30 OFF by clicking here.

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