Pair Eyewear Discount Code | Get $20 off your order

Pair Eyewear Discount Code | Get $20 off first order

Customizable glasses and sunglasses that you’ll love. Get $20 off your first order with the Pair Eyewear Discount Code link located here.

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Pair Eyewear Discount Code | Get $20 off first order

What is Pair Eyewear?

When building Pair, the founders spoke to over 500 families and discovered just how dissatisfied kids and parents were by the overall glasses experience. When talking to children, they made the simple observation-why do we change our clothes while our glasses remain the same year after year? From this, Pair was born!

Pair Eyewear allows you to buy interchangeable frames that you can easily magnetically snap onto your base frame. Change your eyewear everyday!

About the Pair Eyewear Referral Program

Right now Pair Eyewear is offering customers the chance to earn $20 in free credits every time they refer a friend. Plus, your friend gets $20 off with your Pair Eyewear referral link, so it’s a win win.

 So if you’re planning on making a purchase, first use the Pair Eyewear referral code link in this post, then refer your own friends and earn even more credit!

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