Moonstake Referral Code | Sign up bonus code: 8BNK2K5G27

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Moonstake Referral Code | Sign up with code: 8BNK2K5G27

About Moonstake

Take control of staking your digital assets in this safe, simple and easy-to-use staking app from Moonstake that lets you stake and withdraw at any time. Safe and secure, this app never takes custody of your digital assets. Assets stay in your existing wallet, so you won’t ever worry about your account being hacked from our platform and your private keys & passphrases are encrypted and stored in your local device.

Moonstake supports staking with ATOM, IRIS, ADA, ONT, XTZ, QTUM, ONE and coins supported will be expanded.What’s more, staking fees are very competitive, and the Moonstake user interface is sleek, intuitive and a joy to use.

Plus, once you get fully verified and move up memberships to the Gold membership, you can get your own Moonstake referral code and refer your own friends.

To start, sign up here and use the Moonstake Referral Code: 8BNK2K5G27

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