Medical Marijuana Jobs

Cannabis Careers: Awesome jobs in the cannabis industry
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Medical marijuana jobs are not only lucrative, but allow you to keep your own schedule. Learn how to become a weed ambassador and earn major cash. Or you can start earning 10% a sale right away by signing up to be a KushFly Ambassador at this link.

420 Jobs OPTION 1: Become a Weed Delivery Ambassador

Becoming an ambassador is potentially the most lucrative marijuana jobs option. There are tons of companies you can find ambassador 420 jobs with.

For now, most of them are in California, but you don’t have to be. As in, you can still share virtually (not in person).

Each one pays between $5 and $20 per new referred customer.

To start, sign up as customers first (use the codes below to get free weed credit):

BEST Referral Program:

Eaze is the #1 weed delivery service in California, providing bud, edibles, and more…in under an hour.
$20 COUPON: Click here to receive $20 off your first order.


Delivers to the most locations in Los Angeles. Friendly delivery guys and great products in under an hour.
20% off COUPON: Click here to use code ‘HAPPY100’


Nugg has the best website experience, making it easy to get weed delivery to your doorstep.
$20 COUPON: Click here to use the code ‘JOY20’


The CBDistillery ships CBD products across the ENTIRE USA.
10% off COUPON: Click here and use HAPPY5 to get 10% off 

After you’ve signed up as a customer, you can apply to be an ambassador. You’ll get your own promo code to start promoting.

Medical Marijuana Jobs: Earn as an ambassador as a 420 jobs!

Medical Marijuana Jobs

Earn up to $5k per month. No joke.

Promote by attending medical marijuana conventions, concerts, and areas well known for MMJ usage. You can easily score 10 users per day depending on which places you choose.

One of the perks of these medical marijuana jobs are that you can work your own hours, hang out in the sunshine, and chat with new people. Another perk of these 420 jobs is that the ambassador programs often give you perks on your own medical marijuana. You can get discounts on products, gear, and exclusive access to MMJ events.

Start by signing up to be a KushFly Ambassador with this link.

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