Meadow Weed Promo Code

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Meadow weed delivery does just what you’d think — you can order online and have medical cannabis delivered to your door, instantly.

Click here to get a $10 Meadow weed promo code applied to your account.

$10 Meadow Weed Promo Code

 Click here to get $10 of free weed from Meadow

Click the link above to automatically receive $10 off your first Meadow weed order.

Meadow Weed Promo Code 2017 Deal

This is the ultimate lazy man’s service, as you hardly have to lift two fingers to have weed delivered to you on demand. It’s a crazy world out there, people.

Review of Meadow – Medical Cannabis Delivery

Meadow weed delivery is a funny clash of where hippies meet technology. But it definitely seems to be working.

I placed my first order with them using the Meadow promo code link above (cause why wouldn’t I—I have a coupon!). I’ve also given other weed delivery services a try (see them all here) so I was excited to compare this one. The others have always been really easy to order, really nice delivery people, and really great products.

Meadow was as good quality! I had no issues placing an order. Their shopping user interface is really nice, and it was super quick to pay. Then not too long later I had a text from the delivery guy and I was out on the curb to grab it.

The products were amazeballs. I even loved the way they packaged everything, it felt very nice. Easy to store things for later as well.

What a breeze!

Here’s how the Meadow App works

  1. Head on over to, and create an account
  2. Be sure to use the Meadow promo code link for a $10 discount
  3. NOTE: If Meadow doesn’t deliver to you, find out which weed places do here.
  4. If you need a medical marijuana card, you can consult with a doctor instantly—online—for $100.
  5. Once you’re ready, peruse their selection of cannabis products, add to your cart, and pay.
  6. Wait at your location for your on-demand weed delivery!

Meadow is currently Serving

  • San Francisco
  • Los Angeles

Did you know?

There are other weed delivery services that also have rocking promo codes at the moment, over $200 in free weed total.

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I’d recommend giving all a try and figuring out your favorite!

Meadow Weed : Use our Meadow Promo for $10 off your on demand weed delivery