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Uber better watch out, GM’s latest startup named Maven is looking to get into the Ride sharing business.

Want a Maven Promo Code?

Sadly, Maven doesn’t offer a promo code at this point. Just one of the reason why we’re suggesting ZipCar instead.

Maven is GM’s latest attempt to insert itself into the Lyft and Uber Rideshare market. They are taking a slightly different approach, and hope to find a niche that is as yet untouched.

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Maven Review

The town of Ann Arbor, Michigan might not sound like the place for the next big startup, but GM’s latest company Maven is hoping it will become just that. Maven just purchased what was left of SideCar, acquiring their knowledge and skill set. Maven is also working with Lyft, setting about building the first automated driver-less cars. But nothing shows that they would be able to compete with Uber and Lyft in the actual RideShare market, so what exactly are they doing?

What Maven understands is that the concept of owner/driver is disappearing, especially in big cities. Uber and Lyft are cheap enough that the occasional Uber is less than the cost of a car. Around 4-5 million people world wide use Uber, and forecast that number to be closer to 25 million by 2020. This emerging industry is ripe for shared cars, a concept which Maven is banking on.

Maven Car Promo Code: Get a discount and read our Maven review

To begin with, Maven will be following the Facebook model and only allow students at Ann Arbor to use the cars. Students can reserve the cars and unlock and drive them all from the Maven app on the phone. Everything will be automated, including your music. As of now the program is free to join and only costs around 6 dollars an hour, which includes insurance and gas. From there, Maven will open in other cities.

It’s still too early to know exactly where the future of the rideshare industry is going. But GM Maven is putting down the building blocks now. They see a future where no one owns and everyone rents, and they might not be far off. Why not test out their future for yourself and use Maven Car Promo Code on your first ride.

Maven Car Promo Code: Get a discount and read our Maven review

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