Luno Referral Code | Get free Bitcoin with code: 8QETNS

Luno Invite Code | Free Bitcoin with code: 8QETNS

Depending on your country, you can get £10, €15 or 0.001 in free Bitcoin for singing up with a Luno Referral Code. Use the Luno Invite code: 8QETNS.

How the Luno Referral Code work?

Once you download the Luno app and sign up with your details, head over to the Rewards section. You’re first see your own Luno Invite Code, which you can use to earn additional £10, €15 or 0.001 Bitcoin (depending on your country) by sharing with friends.

However, for now you’re going to head over to the “Enter a Code” tab at the top. From there, enter the Luno Invite Code: 8QETNS. You’ll see the £10, €15 or 0.001 Bitcoin applied. The amount applied depends on the country you’ve selected in your profile—or the country they’ve automatically applied based on your phone number.

Luno Invite Code | Free Bitcoin with code: 8QETNS


Luno and how to earn Free Bitcoin

Luno is a secure cryptocurrency platform that allows you to buy, trade, sell and store cryptocurrency. It’s available on the Apple App store and on Google Play, and currently lets you trade in Bitcoin, Ethereum , XRP and Litecoin. 

Earning free Bitcoin is pretty simple with their refer a friend program. You simply head into the Rewards section, find your Luno promo code, and start sharing it with your friends. They don’t have to be in the same country as you for the Luno promo code to work, the app simply will give them the equivalent amount of Bitcoin based on where they are. However, in order for the free Bitcoin to hit their account, they have to buy 0.02 BTC or an equivalent amount in their country. Once that happens, you both receive your 0.001 BTC bonus! It’s a really fantastic program!

Don’t forget to enter the Luno Promo Code below into your Rewards section before you make your first cryptocurrency purchase.

0.001 free Bitcoin with the Luno Referral Code: 8QETNS

0.001 free Bitcoin with the Luno Referral Code: 8QETNS

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