Lumo Lift Coupon Code: $10 off BodyTech

Lumo Lift Coupon Code: Get $10 off the Lumo BodyTech posture device and read our Lumo Lift Review!
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Fix your posture with a Lumo Lift Bodytech sensor. Click here to get $10 off the Lumo Posture device via our Lumo Lift coupon code link, plus read our Lumo Lift review!

Lumo Lift Coupon Code

Get $10 off your Lumo Lift Sensor BodyTech with this discount link!

This is a fantastic deal, especially considering the device itself is only $79.99 . So basically you are getting a 12.5% discount. It’s not technically a Lumo Lift coupon code, but a more of a Lumo Lift discount link. Once you click that link it will appear during checkout. Wahoo!

Lumo Lift Coupon Code: Get $10 off the Lumo BodyTech posture device and read our Lumo Lift Review!

Lumo Lift Review

I am your classic tech-geek. Always on the computer (except when I travel), and my posture is definitely nothing to be jealous of. I’ve tried daily routines with posture improving videos, but always slump back into Slumpville.

I was naturally interested in doing a Lumo Lift review—I love any way that technology can help improve my life. I headed right over to Lumo Lift via the $10 discount link and started to do a checkout for the Lumo posture device for myself. I never actually purchased, but I did download the Lumo app for my iPhone and checked out copious reviews.

Lumo BodyTech Coupon Code: Get $10 off the Lumo Posture device and read our Lumo Lift Review!

It’s such a nifty little device! It’s teensy and attaches right onto your shirt or in your pocket. It is apparently super easy to connect to your phone, and pretty soon you can track your posture by the hour. When you start to slump, the device lets off a little vibration that reminds you to stay out of Slumpville.

At first it may give you a really sore back from sitting up straight without a break. But you can ease into it by keeping the device on for 10 minutes an hour. After a week, up it to 20 minutes an hour.

I think part of why it’s so successful is the Lumo Lift App. The way that it tracks your progress really makes it feel like a game you’re competing against. Each day you try to beat your personal best.

What does the Lumo Posture device offer?

  1. Obviously, the main purpose is to: Improve your posture.
  2. A neat secondary feature is that the Lumo posture device counts steps, distance, and calories. Sorta like that FitBit device…but WAY cheaper, more functionality, and much more discrete. (I mean, personally I think the FitBit bracelet thing looks like a house arrest anklet. But that’s just me. PS. Did you know there is a FitBit-like collar for your dog from DogTelligent? Kinda awesome. K I’m done ranting.)
  3. The Lumo posture device provides vibrational feedback. You won’t forget you’re wearing it, don’t worry.
  4. You can track your progress on your iPhone or Android device. I treated it sorta like a game with a high score I was trying to beat each day. It really helped.
  5. The Lumo lift sensor lasts up to FIVE days on a charge.
  6. Plus, there’s a nice little 30 day money back guarantee. So if you get it and decide it’s not helpful for you personally, you can ship it on back without any worries.

You can also use the Lumo Lift App:

So yeah…basically due to the classy money-back guarantee thing it’s worth at least trying the Lumo Bodytech device out. Even if you’re skeptical.

Click here to visit and automatically get that $10 discount applied.

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