Eaze: Get $20 Credits Towards Los Angeles Weed Delivery

I have compared every weed delivery services and found the best one: Eaze (with $20 free credits here).

$20 Eaze Promo Code For New Users

$20 Eaze Promo Code For New Users

Eaze Weed Delivery — $20 in free credits!

Dispensaries are great for shopping in person, but their online delivery is pretty terrible. They are often smaller shops relying on random delivery services that get lost or just never come.

Eaze (Eaze.com) skips the dispensary and focuses on delivery. They know weed delivery in Los Angeles is the future, so they created a platform very similar to Uber and Lyft.

They only deliver weed, skipping the brick and mortar store to save your wallet.

Get $20 off with our $20 Eaze Promo Code for new users.

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Existing Eaze User but still want a discount?

Sadly Eaze only offers a discount for first-time users BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t find more discounts. I have created a weed delivery zip locator tool that will show you discounts and coupons for all of the weed delivery services in your area.

Uber for Weed - Delivery Locator


Why Choose Los Angeles As A Weed Delivery Location?

Los Angeles weed delivery was an obvious choice as it is growing faster than any city around it. Los Angeles is one of the only affordable cities near SF and its boom in population shows people know this. While it is growing nicer everyday, there are still some scary parts that you might want to avoid. Marijuana delivery allows you to stay safely at home and have the cannabis delivered to you!

Eaze is hands down the best way to get weed delivered in Los Angeles.

Other Los Angeles Cannabis Delivery Services

Eaze is the #1 weed delivery service in California, providing bud, edibles, and more…in under an hour.
30% off COUPON: Click here and use code ‘HAPPY100’.


Delivers to the most locations in Los Angeles. Friendly delivery guys and great products in under an hour.
20% off COUPON: Click here to use code ‘HAPPY100’


Nugg has the best website experience, making it easy to get weed delivery to your doorstep.
$20 COUPON: Click here to use the code ‘JOY20’


The CBDistillery ships CBD products across the ENTIRE USA.
10% off COUPON: Click here and use HAPPY5 to get 10% off 

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