LimeBike App Promo Code

LimeBike App Promo Code: Get $3 free with code RA4ZSSR

Get a free ride up to $3 on the LimeBike App when you use the LimeBike App Promo Code  RD54QHO.

The LimeBike App has both bikes and scooters that you can unlock and lock anywhere around town!

$3 will get you quite a long way—plus, once you have an account you can refer friends and earn $3 for each friend who signs up!

LimeBike App Promo Code: Get $3 free with code RA4ZSSR

LimeBike Promo Code (also called the LimeBike Invite Code)

It’s super easy to get a free $3 ride—click on the wallet section and at the very bottom click on “I have a promo code”. Then enter the promo code RD54QHO and get your own $3 credit.

You will see the credit automatically appear!

The refer a friend program is super super simple on the app—its in the area at the top when you click on the little gift box item. There you’ll see your LimeBike referral code. Invite and earn more credits!


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