Hotbit Referrer Code | Welcome Bonus code: 4068680

Hotbit Referrer Code | Use Code: 4068680

Hotbit is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Use our Hotbit Referrer Code and get up to a 60% welcome bonus. Code: 4068680

Hotbit Referrer Code | Use Code: 4068680

Hotbit Referral Code | 60% Welcome Bonus as Transaction Rebates

Here are the details of the Hotbit Referral Code program, as per their website:

Tier 1 Invitations, earn bonus together!

From today onwards, by successfully inviting your friend(s) to register Hotbit account(s), for every true transaction fee generated by your friend(s), you and your friends can share up to 60% of this transaction fee.

Tier 2 Invitations, exclusive rebate!

After your friend’s friend(s) successfully register(s) Hotbit account, for every true transaction fee generated by your friend’s friend(s), you can enjoy up to 15% of this transaction fee.

Hotbit Referral Code

Hotbit Referral Code

What is Hotbit Crypto?

Hotbit exchange is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges, established in 2018, and it offers advanced features, a mobile app, and an intuitive user interface. This exchange has partnered with some popular blockchain technology industry partners like Spark Pool, Mytoken, F2pool, HashQuark, and Slow Mist to offer a secure, stable, and feature-rich trading environment for traders and investors. Hotbit team members are from the USA, China, and Taiwan, and they bring in several years of experience to the development of this exchange. From the beginning, this cryptocurrency trading platform has gained more than 7 million active users registered on the platform from over 170 countries.

Don’t forget, use the Hotbit Referrer Code 4068680 (same as on reddit) for up to 60% of transaction rebates!

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