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Green Rush is my absolute favorite way to buy weed online, and then have it delivered to your door. Plus, you can use GreenRush coupon code HAPPY80 for $30 in new user credit.

$30 GreenRush Coupon Code: Use HAPPY80

$30 GreenRush Coupon Code: Use HAPPY80

Note: Code gives you $20 on first order and $10 on your next order! This is the best deal in the delivery industry.

Green Rush Coupon Code

The new user discount gives you $20 off the first order and $10 for the next one = $30 total. This Green Rush coupon code is a killer deal. Especially considering 1/4 ounce is usually only between $30-40. That’s almost getting a 1/4 ounce for free!

However, it only works for new users.

NEW USERS: Make sure you use code HAPPY80 or click here to get $80 in GreenRush Credit.

EXISTING USERS: None available currently. But you can get up to $200 in new user coupons at other weed delivery services. Enter your zip code to them here.

My Green Rush Review

I’ve used a few weed delivery places before (you can see them all on the site).

One was Eaze (a $20 free credit is available).  I’ve also used Meadow and Nugg (there are so many medical marijuana delivery services, view them all here with up to $200 in coupons). I liked them all, and was hoping GreenRush was similar. I’m happy to say that it was!

Green Rush Promo Code: Use coupon HAPPY80 for $80 off your weed delivery service

I headed onto their site, and found a really nice selection of products. I threw some in my cart, entered the Green Rush coupon code HAPPY80 to get my first $20 off, and paid.

The delivery arrived in under an hour—one of the quickest ones yet! The products were great and the delivery guy was swell. Plus, at the price (especially with the coupon code), I’m one happy guy.

Be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page to check out the other weed delivery service places I’ve reviewed.

How Green Rush works

  1. Head on over to
  2. Shop around, and find the medical marijuana products you want, and add them to your cart
  3. Next, head to the checkout. Remember to enter the GreenRush Coupon Code HAPPY80It gets you $20 off the first order and $10 for the next (so $30 off total)
  4. Wait for delivery (within a few hours max)!

With such a discount, your first order could end up being only $5-15! Plus, you’ll get to experience the futuristic awe that comes with medical marijuana delivery.

Did you know? There are other weed delivery services that also have rocking promo codes at the moment. Get OVER $200 in FREE WEED with these first-timer promo codes.

Green Rush Promo Code: Use coupon HAPPY80 for $80 off

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