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Graze snacks is a subscription services that mails mini, sample-sized snacks every week.

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Our Graze Reviews


From James:

I tried out Graze for a couple of weeks. I’m a bit pickier of a snacker, so it wasn’t as crazy awesome for me as it was for some people I spoke to. When I snack, I know what I want to snack on. So getting a random assortment wasn’t really what I want in a snacking experience.

That being said, in terms of how the individual snacks were, some were great and the others were pretty good. But like I said—I know what I want, and a snack surprise isn’t really my thing. But I definitely thought it was worth it for the free week. Cute packaging, too.

(Note: If you’re ok to wait and get a surprise monthly, I’d recommend a subscription more like Fair Ivy. They send one handmade luxury gift for women each month. More high-quality items, less often.)

To summarize: Graze was good fun, yummy little snackies. Fun packaging each week, and a good talking point around the workplace if you send it to work. But if you know what you like to eat, just buy your own stuff.

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Steps for using Graze Snacks

  1. Head on over to the site, via the Graze free box link
  2. Enter your details
  3. Graze snacks will then let you either select the type of snacks you like. You can be general, like “Savory” or “Sweet”, or you can literally hand-pick what sounds good and what doesn’t.
  4. Finish checkout, and sit back and relax! Wait for the snacks to appear.

Don’t forget the Graze Promo Code

Get your first box FREE by clicking this link ($12 value)

Graze Free Box Code: Get a free week of Graze Snacks, plus read Graze reviews!

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