GetUpside Promo Code for Gas App | $7 Free

GetUpside Promo Code | Use code: UJ2GJ

Get cash back on gas purchases! For a limited time get an extra $7 bonus on your first purchase with this GetUpside Promo Code.

GetUpside Promo Code: UJ2GJ

GetUpside Promo Code | Use code: UJ2GJ

Get Upside Promo Code

This is a great way to get an extra $7 bonus cash back on gas on your first fill-up. It works via their referral program. Simply enter the GetUpside Promo Code: UJ2GJ in the app.

Use the GetUpside Promo Code Code: UJ2GJ

Use the GetUpside Promo Code Code: UJ2GJ

What is GetUpside?

Depending on your location, GetUpside is an awesome way to earn money back on your gas purchases. Your first one will get you 15 cents more per gallon when you use the Get Upside Promo Code above. You can additionally get awesome cash back deals at your favorite restaurants and grocery stores.

Get Upside is currently in a ton of states and is constantly expanding. If you don’t think they’re in your state yet, still sign up with the Get Upside Referral Code above and be ready to start earning (you can actually start earning GetUpside referral credits before GetUpside gets to your state too)!

For each friend who signs up and makes a purchase, you are given an extra 15 cents back per gallon, as well as a percentage of their lifetime spend on gas. Woohoo!

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