Circle App Referral Code

Circle Referral Code: Get $5 Bonus cash with the Circle App Referral Code U42PTG

The Circle Pay App allows you to transfer money between friends, quickly and easily.

Use the Circle App Referral Code U42PTG for $5 BONUS cash (after you send $25 within 2 weeks of signup).

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Circle App Referral Code: Get $5 FREE

Circle Referral Code: Get $5 Bonus cash with the Circle App Referral Code U42PTG

Get $5 bonus cash with the Circle App referral code U42PTG

Note: You must send at least $25 on the Circle Pay app within 2 weeks of signing up to receive the $5 cash.

If you want to earn more free cash on the Circle app, scroll down to learn about the Circle app refer a friend program.

Circle App Review

Use the Circle App Referral code U42PTG for $5 free. Plus read our Circle App reviewI’ve used a lot of money transfer apps, to send money to friends. Paypal, Google Wallet, Venmo—I’ve tried them all. Until now, my favorite was Venmo. I loved the way you can add silly little emoticons to each payment. You really had to be creative with them to tell a story.

The Circle App is a new one on the market, but I’m really digging it. I was more than happy to do a proper Circle app review.

For one—it’s easy to sign up and get started. NOTE:Be sure to enter the code U42PTG when you sign up so you can get an extra $5 cash. Once you enter your account details, including bank or credit card info, you can start. Select a friend to send to, and enter the amount. Then hit go.

But wait! While you can easily send money without any sort of entertainment aspect, you can also make it even more fun. The Circle App allows you to attach money-related gifs to every transfer. They’ve basically found all the best money or payment gifs, and made it quick to choose one. I found a perfect one right away.

My friend receiving the money had never used the Circle Pay App before. He found it super exciting and fun. The gif turned our silly small money transfer for coffee into what appeared to be a sordid illicit money exchange. Very silly!

Overall, love this app. Highly recommend giving it a try!

Other Details about the Circle Referral Code

The Circle App is currently big on sharing with friends and family. This Circle referral code deal is not going to last forever, so take advantage of it. After you signup, share your own Circle referral code with your friends. Earn $5 each time one of them signs up and completes $25 in transfers.

But again, don’t miss out on using the code U42PTG when you sign up!

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