Carrot Rewards Bonus Code

Use the Carrot Rewards Bonus Code LUCYF9781 for 1250 free promo code points!

Get 1250 free points when you use the Carrot Rewards Bonus Code LUCYF9781.

Carrot Rewards Bonus Code

You can get an instant 1250 Carrot Rewards bonus points when you enter the Carrot Rewards promo code LUCYF9781 during signup.

Use the Carrot Rewards Bonus Code LUCYF9781 for 1250 free promo code points!

Then, once you’re signed up for an account, you can find your own personal Carrot Rewards bonus code and share with your friends. For every friend who signs up, they’ll get 1250 points and you’ll get 1250 points (value: $1.25).

What is Carrot Rewards?

Carrot Rewards is a health-focused app that rewards you for doing healthy things. Example include syncing your Steps to the app and receiving points when you hit a certain number of steps in a day. You can also complete surveys that will score you additional points. The app is connected to various other rewards apps that give you additional points for spending money at partner stores (and apps like Drop).

Carrot Rewards is only available in certain areas of Canada at the moment, including Ontario, BC and Newfoundland. It seems to be growing in popularity, so now is a great time to get on board and take advantage of their bonus points offer.

Learn more about Carrot Rewards here.

Carrot Rewards Promo Code for 1250 points

Again, don’t forget to make use of the Carrot Rewards bonus code for LUCYF9781 1250 free points.

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