$100 in Discounts towards Local Delivery Services

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Delivery services are the next big thing. And all the new California delivery companies want you to be their newest customer, so they are giving away some great deals.

Scroll down to get over $100 in delivery credits, depending on your zip code.

All the Delivery Coupons (in California)

Use the locator below to find out the coupons and companies available in your zip code:


If you can’t view the zip code box above (sometimes a problem on mobile), scroll down to view all coupons.

A complete list of the Best Delivery Coupons

Note: Not all of these services will necessarily deliver to your zip code—except TrueFarma, which ships everywhere in California.

Eaze is the #1 delivery service in California…in under an hour.
30% off COUPON: Click here and use code ‘HAPPY100’.


Delivers to the most locations in Los Angeles. Friendly delivery guys and great products in under an hour.
20% off COUPON: Click here to use code ‘HAPPY100’


Nugg has the best website experience, making it easy to get delivery to your doorstep.
$20 COUPON: Click here to use the code ‘JOY20’


The CBDistillery ships products across the ENTIRE USA.
10% off COUPON: Click here and use HAPPY5 to get 10% off